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The Best FBO service in Barcelona

The Best FBO service in Barcelona
“Menzies Aviation offers handling services for Private and Corporate Aviation in more than 20 airports across Europe”

In Menzies Executive we provide all the FBO services in Barcelona, ​​supported by Menzies Aviation.

Menzies Aviation offers handling services for Private and Corporate Aviation in more than 20 airports across Europe and, since August 2013 as Menzies Executive FBO in Barcelona, guaranteeing the best handling service with specialized service and the experience needed during your transit or stay in Barcelona.

From our Menzies Executive FBO, we ensure personal attention for both crews and clients. We provide a tailor made service to make your stay as exquisite as possible. We provide Exclusive and Confidential service, new equipment, facilities and furniture with a functional and modern design, and all handled by competent, prepared and helpful staff to accomplish all your needs.

We have the largest service area including three VIP lounges, two crew rooms, VIP rest room with shower, and if needed, availability for meeting rooms and offices for rent.

And all with 24/7 availability.

This allows us to ensure that Menzies Executive FBO is the perfect partner for your operations in Barcelona, ​​and that once you try our services you will want to come back.

Our services include:

  • Passengers and crew Reception
  • VIP Lounges for your customers
  • Crew Lounges with soft drinks, tea and coffee. Wi-Fi
  • Loading and offloading luggage
  • Immigration and Customs Formalities
  • Fuel company liaison
  • Passengers and crew transport from/to the plane to/from our facility (up to 15 passengers)
  • If needed, ATC liaison
  • Security Control
  • Standard crew Briefing
  • Catering liaison
  • Communications

Other services available upon request:

  • Push Back
  • Passenger Stairs
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Bus for more than 15 passengers
  • Toilette service & Portable water
  • Cleaning Services
  • GPU
  • Loading and offloading of luggage (BBJ, ACJ, ETC)

Barcelona FBO Services for crews

We have the best Crew Lounges that you can enjoy in an FBO in Barcelona.

From our experience as provider of private and corporate aviation in 20 countries in which Menzies Aviation operates, we know how important it is for the crew to have the appropriate facilities so that they can develop their work in the best conditions.

And this is why we have focused and designed our infrastructure in Menzies FBO Barcelona to meet the crews and passengers needs.

Two of our rooms are Crew Lounges.

Bright and clear views, practical and modern furnishings with clean lines give a sense of calm to facilitate disconnection in case of short turnarounds.

We've equipped both lounges with professional Nespresso machines and the together with the accessory "Cappuccinatore", soft drinks and a wide selection of newspapers and magazines that have crews distraction during your stay at our FBO in Barcelona.

The infrastructure of these crew lounges in Barcelona are complemented by computers to work or see what you need, free Wi-Fi, bathroom with shower, and exclusive and personalized service (24/7 handling).

If we join these attributes together and join them with the professionalism of our staff in handling, external services such as catering, tours requests, restaurant bookings, personal shoppers ... We can ensure that working with Menzies Executive will make your job much simpler when you come to our FBO in Barcelona,(supported by Menzies  Aviation).

Full passenger FBO services in Barcelona

We are not concerned only with our work we are concerned about our clients too.

We know that one of the main pillars of a good service in private and corporate aviation is to provide a discrete, exclusive, personalized and confidential service to passengers who request the services of Menzies Executive FBO in Barcelona.

We have three VIP Lounges suitable to accommodate several aircraft at once without interference between our customers, so confidentiality can be granted.

We also have a wide network of suppliers and partners, and we can anticipate the wishes and needs of our passengers, not only regarding 24/7 handling, but to offer complementary activities that can be interesting when travelling to Barcelona.

From flowering dressing requests for the VIP Lounges or a catering with a specific menu, a personal shopper , rent a car, limousine or vans with or without driver , shows tickets... or any other needs or concerns, we can satisfy the passenger thanks to all the contacts we have in Barcelona and its surroundings.

With all the backing experience of Menzies  Aviation, with more than 10 years of leading handling services in Europe, Asia, Oceania and America, we know how to give the correct service to FBO customers, and we have been able to apply this knowledge from the very moment we launched Menzies Executive FBO in Barcelona.

We are at your disposal to answer any questions that may arise. We can make your stay in Menzies Executive FBO Barcelona a unique experience.